Located on the 64th floor of 70 Pine Street–one floor above SAGA Restaurant–Overstory is a contemporary cocktail bar in New York City’s Financial District.

The space is surrounded by a wraparound terrace with 360-degree views of the New York City skyline.

Getting Here

Overstory is located at 70 Pine Street between Pearl and William in Manhattan’s Financial District. Guests visiting Overstory will be greeted in the red marble-clad lobby of 70 Pine before being shuttled to the 63rd floor in a dedicated elevator and escorted up a travertine stairwell to Overstory.


Tuesday through Saturday: 5:30PM-12:00AM


Reservations are accepted only for seats on the outdoor terrace between 5:45 and 11:30PM for parties of up to six guests. 

Guests are charged $50 per person to secure a booking; this charge will act as a food and beverage minimum. That is to say, all food and beverage consumed during one's time at Overstory will be credited toward the minimum. If a party spends less than $50 per person, the delta will be billed as an "unmet minimum" and forfeited to the restaurant. Bookings canceled more than four hours in advance will be refunded in full. 

Each booking is allotted 90 minutes. If we have enough space, we'll gladly allow guests to linger. 

Indoor seating is walk-in only. A wait list is managed by the host team in the lobby of 70 Pine Street. If a guest is seated indoors and would prefer to move to the terrace, we will accommodate the request based on availability. 

Note: in the case of inclement weather, bookings for the terrace will be accommodated indoors. 

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  • Nickname: Flairison

    Hometown: Dobbs Ferry, NY

    Years Behind the Stick: 10 Years

    Favorite Cocktail: Margarita, Salt, Rocks

    Favorite Bar: Sportsman’s Club, Chicago IL

  • Nickname: Rascal

    Hometown: Hackettstown, NJ 

    Years Behind the Stick: 4 Years

    Favorite Cocktail: Sazerac

    Favorite Bar: The Eddy, Providence, Rhode Island 

  • Nickname: Juicy J

    Hometown: New York City

    Years Behind the Stick: 6 years

    Favorite Cocktail: Daiquiri

    Favorite Bar: The Woods, Brooklyn NY

  • Nickname: B

    Hometown: Denver, CO

    Years Behind the Stick: 3

    Favorite cocktail: Penicillin

    Favorite Bar: Mons, Rome

  • Nickname: Slick Rick

    Hometown: Berkeley, CA

    Years Behind the Stick: 6 Years

    Favorite Cocktail: Paper Plane

    Favorite Bar: Starline Social Club, Oakland CA

  • Nickname: Cuba

    Hometown: Miami, Fl

    Years Behind the Stick: 6 years

    Favorite Cocktail: À La Louisiane

    Favorite Bar: The Wayland, Manhattan NY

Private Events

The space is ideal for an indoor/outdoor cocktail reception, perfect for wedding receptions, film productions, and media events.

60 standing, 588 SF (interior)

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Gift Cards

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